WSI's OLED Professional innovations create more value for You.

WSI are the PMOLED manufacturer and our factory located in Chun-Nan in Taiwan. Our products are the market leader and pioneer in PMOLED module, including the monochrome, area colors and full color ones. We also can sort them of function into character, array and icon types and we also accepted some specific customized products.

OLED can generate light themselves directly, so we have thinner, lighter.
Besides, OLEDs have an extra-wide viewing angle > 170 degree, high contrast 1000:1, and wide operation temperature from -40 to 80. Everything shows that OLED is the best embedded solution for you to be designed into your applications. We also promote our new products, curable flexible display and transparent Head Up display (HUD). Our flexible have a curvature less than the radius 40mm and it will be improved close to 20mm soon. Our first promote product is HUD which has more than 65% transmittance of transparency and brightness greater than 1500nits. The HUD will provide a clear and bright image to drivers in any weather conditions and any times.

In summary, we can provide our customers the total solution to help them adopt our product by their design to satisfy their customer in the shortest

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