New IO-Link Transceiver® from Maxim Integrated dissipates the lowest heat in the smallest package

Speaker: Christian Gruber, Maxim Integrated

At embedded world 2016, Maxim Integrated has introduced the MAX14827, the industry’s smallest IO-Link transceiver, which reduces power dissipation by more than 50%. The MAX14827 features an increased supply voltage range of up to 60 V, enabling the use of smaller and low-cost protection circuitry. Through a sophisticated design, Maxim managed to reduce the power loss of the driver stages by over 50% and thus was able to facilitate the temperature management of the sensor significantly. With an infrared camera, the difference between Maxim’s ‘cool’ new IO-Link transceiver and other solutions in the market can be impressively demonstrated, as Christian Gruber, Field Application Central Europe at Maxim Integrated, points out in this short video.

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