AAEON presents flexible and cost effective Internet of Things solutions in various market segments

Speaker: Marlo Banganga, AAEON

In this interview, Marlo Banganga, Head of Product Management AAEON Europe, covers topics from aspects of  Security ,  striking  Strategy  to customized Solutions,  all mainly aim to meet the demands of AAEON's customers.

From market segment, AAEON is mainly focusing on digital factory, transportation, digital signage, healthcare, digital security and as well as ODM Business.  AAEON's Gateway Boards (AIOT-X1000) for example, is Powered by Intel® Quark™platform, which enhances its flexibility in connectivity of various sensors that allows data to be collected and transmitted to cloud for various services and still keep it secured. Aside from that, AAEON provides ODM service to enable flexible configurations and cost effective solution tailored to customer needs.