Intelligent IoT Solution: Machine Failure Prediction

Industrial machinery is subject to nearly constant shock and vibration, which generates fatigue and wear on materials and components. Imprecision and eventually system failure result. Forecasting potential problems in order to implement preventive measures and maintenance or equipment replacement is critical to sustain performance and avoid downtime and costly damage.

Machine failure prediction based on IoT technology helps to implement real-time and remote monitoring over industrial machinery, allowing more precise forecasting of possible equipment malfunction and responsive advance measures, minimizing unexpected failure and consequent damage, reducing repair, maintenance, and manpower costs, for improved precision, yield, and quality. Most importantly, the intelligence gained from analyses of accumulated big data aids development of more advanced insight into equipment management and purchasing.

The ADLINK IoT solution based on the Intel IoT Gateway platform and ADLINK's embedded SEMA Cloud utility provides an application-ready intelligent platform delivering the computing power, connectivity, security, and manageability needed for developing IoT applications with minimized development time and cost.

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