Connectivity meets Automation – SILICA at the Embedded World 2015

Speaker: Marcus Malitschek, Frank Storm, Chris Young and Chrisitan Gruber, SILICA

SILICA demonstrates several interactive demos around automation and connectivity: a food vending machine that provides visitors with pieces of chocolate and is built around a delta-robot. Another demo is built around ArchiTech and enables visitors to order drinks through a tablet which accesses a web application across a private 3G link to SILICA’s ArchiTech Tibidabo board. This board acts as both a web server and barista display showing that, for example, a cappuccino has been ordered. The integrated beer mug factory demo showcases the principles behind the Industry 4.0 initiative. Maxim uses nine of its reference designs to create a custom beer mug factory that starts with a stock of plain Bavarian beer mugs customized with a beer coupon, a Maxim memento token, and the option to print an individual message or signature to provide visitors with a unique souvenir.

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