congatec product highlights from the embedded world 2015

Speaker: Zeljko Loncaric, congatec

congatec is the leading supplier for Computer-on-Modules in Europe and is extending its product range to single board computers now. The performace levels start with Intel Atom processors and scales up to the 5th generation of Intel Core processores. Today the supported industrial form factors are Thin Mini-ITX with a maximum height of 25 mm and the extrem small Pico-ITX with 72x100mm only.
All products based on AMD G-Series are available for 10 years now.
The congatec ARM processor based Qseven module, based in Freescale i.MX6, demonstrates its multimedia capabilities. The Yocto Linux implementation drives 3 independent flat panel displays (two on LVDS, one on HDMI) and shows a live video stream coming from a low cost MIPI camera.

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