Complete end-to-end solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things

Speaker: Marco Attardo, SECO

Marco Attardo, Area Manager EMEA shows SECO roadmap starting from the important partnership with Solair for the Industrial Internet of Things market (IIoT). The SECO-Solair partnership's mission is, in fact, to create innovation in the IIoT (Industrial IoT) market, a value proposition where product and service become a “product-as-a-service”, offering complete end-to-end solutions that make it quick and easy to connect and manage customers’ devices through a powerful cloud-based service, creating value with the data collected.
Part of this agreement is the SECOSBC-A62, the new Single Board Computer with the Freescale i.MX6 processor born for the Industrial market on the success of the well-known community board UDOO.
The SECOSBC-A62 is in fact excellent as IoT enablement gateway, connected to the Things through Wireless connections, A/D imputs, serial and field protocols.

Marco Attardo continues unveiling the new COM-Express Type 6 Compact module based on the NVIDIA® Tegra® K1 mobile processor, which offers compatibility with all COM Express Type 6 compliant carrier boards and can be swapped at any time, hence the term Cross Platform. The Cross Platform Philosophy also means enabling developers, through the availability of open-source schematics, design guides, BOM and debug tools, to design COM Express compliant carrier boards which will also be compatible with the ARM world.

Finally, Marco Attardo introduces the new SECO's Just! embedded product line includes boards which exclusively support SoC native features, representing cost effective, energy-efficient and low power solutions of a full-standard pinout at the low cost of a proprietary module. All this results in essential, “ready-to-use” and “ready-to-market” products which allow the reduction of design risks with minimal effort and cost.

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