Combine Technologies – Realize Smart Designs

The performance of embedded systems is growing disproportionately; one of the reasons for this is the improvement of intelligent sensors and actuators. There are more and more autonomous systems which record and process data, responding very specifically to it. When the systems are networked together wirelessly or wired via IP protocol this creates the Internet of Things. Machines, systems, appliances and small smart everyday objects will in the future become part of the so-called Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

All systems are characterised by certain common characteristics: Programming capability, storage capacity, functional user interfaces and communications links. Embedded systems require integrated vision when selecting the components because there are complex dependencies between the real physical and the virtual digital world. RUTRONIK EMBEDDED complies stringently with this integrated analysis, enabling it to always develop the right solution.

The ideal combination of the individual embedded technologies leads to a high degree of flexibility in demand-oriented production and control systems.
It is precisely these trends and market developments on which Rutronik is focusing in the selection of components and the personal support for the design of future-oriented smart end products.