Identify, Tune And Fully Control Your Motor In Under 5 Minutes With TI's InstaSPIN-FOC Solution

Speaker: Michael Seidl, Texas Instruments

Motor control system designers can now concentrate on differentiating designs rather than spending weeks and months tuning their motor control systems. With the new InstaSPIN-FOC (field-oriented-control) solution from Texas Instruments, designers can now identify, tune and fully control (through variable speeds and loads) any type of three-phase, synchronous or asynchronous motor in five minutes or less. The new observer technology shows significantly superior performance over traditional methods such as SMO.

Links to more information:

  • InstaSPIN Overview
    TI's InstaSPIN motor solutions will instantly spin then control any three phase motor - no motor datasheet required. InstaSPIN™ sensorless, three-phase motor solutions makes designing motor control applications easier. Whether you have a simple application or a complex design, an InstaSPIN solution is for you.
  • InstaSPIN-BLDC
    Targeted at low-cost BLDC applications, InstaSPIN-BLDC is a sensorless control technique that can get motors up and running in seconds and doesn't require any knowledge about motor parameters to work with only a single tuning value. Unlike other sensorless BLDC control techniques based on back-EMF zero-cross timing, InstaSPIN-BLDC monitors the motor's flux to determine when to commutate the motor. With the help of a free GUI, the user can watch the flux signal in a plot window, and set the "Flux Threshold" slider to specify at what flux level the motor should be commutated. Optimal commutation can be verified by observing the phase voltage and current waveforms, which are also displayed.
  • InstaSPIN FOC
    InstaSPIN™-FOC (field-oriented-control) technology enables designers — even those with limited motor control experience — to identify, tune and fully control any type of three-phase, variable speed, sensorless, synchronous or asynchronous motor control system in just minutes. This new technology removes the need for a mechanical motor rotor sensor to reduce system costs and improve operation using TI's new software encoder (sensorless observer) software algorithm, FAST™ (flux, angle, speed and torque), embedded in the read-only-memory (ROM) of Piccolo devices. This enables premium solutions that improve motor efficiency, performance and reliability in all variable-speed and load-motor applications.
  • Tool & Software
    InstaSPIN™ sensorless, three-phase motor solutions are offered on a variety of hardware platforms and software tools using TI's Cortex-RM, Cortex-M4, and C2000™ microcontrollers in order to make designing motor control applications easier.
  • Support & Community
    Whether you have a support question you need answered, want to see what training is available or you just want to learn more about InstaSPIN™ solution - we have the support you need. Talk to experts in the E2E forum, check out the tools, videos, examples and other resources available on the WIKI pages, or check out the training opportunities to help get started with InstaSPIN  development.